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Add a client’s profile picture

Step #1. Edit the client’s profile

Go to the clients page, and use the vertical three dots menu to edit the client’s profile. This option is not available for clients who have and manage their own Quenza account.

Step #2. Upload a picture

You are now in the edit mode of the client’s profile. Navigate to the “Photo” section and press the “Upload” button.

Step #3. Crop the picture

After selecting a picture you will be presented with a window in which you can select a portion of the picture:

Step #4. Confirm the selection

Pressing the “Ok” button confirms your selection.

You have now successfully added a picture to your client’s profile as indicated by the picture in the circle:

Step #5. Save the profile

At the bottom of the page, press “Save” to store the added picture.

Can’t edit client profile

As soon as your client has accepted your invitation and created a Quenza account, it’s no longer possible for you to edit your client’s profile.

The primary reason for this is that a client’s profile can be linked to different professionals. The situation we want to prevent is that several professionals are able to edit a client’s details and start doing so back and forth.

Therefore, as soon as a client has registered their own Quenza account, they are in charge of the profile.

Should you want to add a profile picture to your client’s profile after the creation of their account, the only way to do so is to ask your client to upload their own picture.

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