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Change pathway after sending it

When a client opens the first step of a pathway or an expansion pathway, that version of the pathway is “frozen”.

What cannot be changed

If you:

  • change the timing of steps
  • add steps
  • remove steps

in the pathway after sending it, these changes will not be applied to the version of the pathways that was sent to your client. Simply put, your client will not see these changes.

The reason for this is that changing one or more of these things would lead to unexpected outcomes or even having the pathway not being completed at all.

What can be changed

What can be changed is the content of the activity steps within the pathway, provided that the activity step has not yet been opened by your client.

Even if the activity step has been sent, you can still alter the content of the activity as long as the client has not opened it yet.

Your client will always receive and open the latest version of an activity.

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