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Your dashboard shows all your client and community activity. To access your Dashboard, go to your Quenza account and click on the Dashboard [1] item in the navigation bar.


The notifications bar takes up the left side of the Dashboard screen and shows the latest updates from your clients and any updates to the community posts you’re following. You can also click on any notification to quickly access the notification topic (Activity/Pathway/Community Post).

You can also mark all notifications as read by clicking on the three dots vertical menu [1] > Mark all as read [2] option.

Besides marking all notifications as read, you can also delete all notifications by clicking on the three dots vertical menu [1] > Delete All [2].


On the right side of the Dashboard screen, you’ll find your account statistics in real-time.

Pending Activities & Pending Pathways

By scrolling down on the Dashboard page, you’ll find two sections that show all pending activities and pathways, the client’s name, the status of the activity/pathway, and the last update.

Latest Expansions & Community Posts

By scrolling further down, you’ll find the latest expansions and community posts. This is where you can get the latest premade expansions and also connect with other professionals via the community page.

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