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Delete a client

There are different ways to remove a client from your Quenza account.

Option #1: Using the three dots menu

One way to delete a client is by using the vertical three dots menu on the clients page:

Option #2 Using the single client page

Another way to delete a client is by

  1. On the clients page, where all your clients are listed, select the client you want to delete.
  2. This will open the single client page
  3. On this page, select the profile menu
  4. Press “delete profile”:

Important note

Deleting a client will remove all related data for you, including activity and pathway results. All planned and running activities and pathways will also be cancelled immediately. Make sure to export your client’s results before deletion. Your client’s data cannot be recovered afterwards.

Your client will receive an email informing them that they have 30 days left to access their account, including instructions on how they can view and download their results. In addition, the message that there are 30 days left to access the account will be permanently shown on the client’s home screen. After this period your client’s account will be deleted unless they still have one or more other active professionals linked to them.

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