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Email delivery issues

Sometimes we are unable to deliver email to a client, even though we do several retries to make it work. There are multiple possible reasons why this can happen and we will explain the most common ones in this article.

You will be notified when we cannot deliver an email within Quenza by a Notification on your Dashboard, a message at the client profile screen and by email.

Email account does not exist

This is the most common reason why we cannot deliver email to your client and this is also the easiest to resolve. Please try double-checking the client’s email address for:

  • Quotation marks
  • Dots at the end of the address
  • Spaces before or after an address
  • Spelling errors

If any of the above is the case, you can edit the client profile and fix the problem.

Mailbox is full

When the client’s mailbox is full we are also unable to deliver email to it. You can test if this is the case by sending an email to it outside of Quenza using your own mail account and looking at the response you receive from the client’s mailserver. To fix this you can contact your client by phone and tell them that they have to take action.

Cannot connect to receiving mailserver

If we cannot connect to the receiving mailserver of the client, even after repeatedly retrying, there can be a (persistent) problem that neither you nor the client can resolve.

You can try sending an email using your own email account outside of Quenza to the client’s email address and check if you receive an email from the receiving mail server which usually contains more information why the email cannot be delivered. This can then be communicated by phone or an alternative email address to your client so they know something is not working on their end.

When the problem still cannot be figured out or resolved, please contact Quenza support and let us know what client email address you are trying to use so we can look into this together with you.

After fixing the problem

When you have figured out the reason why emails could not be delivered and when the problem is resolved you can go to your client’s profile and use the “Whitelist” button that is available in the notification box. Please note, when you have modified or entered a different email address for the client, this notification box is no longer available or necessary.

We will then remove the client email address from the block list and emails will be sent to it again. When your client does not have a personal Quenza account you can resend e.g. activity emails.

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