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Browsing expansions

Quenza offers a wide range of templates for formal documents such as coaching agreements, intake forms, and session evaluation forms. You may use them as they are or they can serve as inspiration for you to customize to perfectly fit your needs.

You can find all templates we currently offer under the ‘Expansions’ tab located under Activities & Pathways in the main menu of your Quenza app.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can find these forms and how you can customize them to your liking.

Accessing activity and pathway expansions

To access activity expansions, go to Activities [1] in the main navigation menu on the left and choose the tab Expansions [2].

To access pathway expansions, go to Pathways [1] in the main navigation menu on the left and choose the tab Expansions [2].

You can use the Search bar to browse through specific expansions. So for example, you can search for the word “Positive”, and all expansions with “positive” in their title and/or keywords will appear:

Search by type

Another way to search for expansions is by using the “Type” filter. This filter will help you narrow down the expansions by their type e.g. “Agreement”, “Assessment”, “Evaluation”, etc.

To search expansions by type, simply click on the dropdown menu and select the topic you’d like. This will automatically bring up the results of your search:

Search by tag

The third type of search is using the expansion “Tags”. All expansions have specific tags that correspond to the topic that they cover, and you can use this type of search to bring up even more concise results e.g. “Acceptance”, “Aggression”, “Alliance”, “Anger”, etc.

What’s specific to this type of search is that you can use multiple tags from the dropdown menu, which means that you can narrow down the search even more by combining multiple tags.

Important Note: You can use a combination of search options to narrow down your search. For example, you can search for the word “Positive” in the search bar and use the tag “Awareness”:

Requesting expansions

If you feel a template you are looking for is missing, feel free to let us in the “Request an expansion” section of our in-app community.

You can access this page by navigating to Support [1] > Request an Expansion [2]

Once there, click on “+ New Topic” to create a post and let us know what’s missing!

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