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Quenza’s (future) pricing

As we develop more features, upgrade our servers, and grow our team of developers and community/support managers, we may increase the monthly subscription fee for Quenza.

Being ‘grandfathered in’

If you already have an active subscription to Quenza, you will never have to pay more than you currently do to stay on your current plan.

Should prices increase and you have used Quenza in the past but don’t have an active Quenza subscription anymore, you can only sign up at the new rate.

In short, the old (and lowest) pricing will always and only be available for Quenza users with an active subscription for their current plan.

What if you pause/cancel in between after having subscribed at the old rate?

It’s not possible to pause your Quenza subscription, you can only cancel.

If you cancel your Quenza subscription, this means all your data (including your clients’ data) will be removed from our system in 60 days, as explained here.

During this 60 day-period, you can choose to continue your subscription at the same rate.

When this period has expired, you can only sign up at the new rate should the pricing have changed in the meantime.

Are there any other costs?

The only cost involved is that of your subscription at the rate of one of our three pricing plans.

There are no in-app upsells, your clients never have to pay for anything, and if you keep your subscription active you will never have to pay more than your current monthly or yearly fee.

What if you want to upgrade your plan after a price jump?

Let’s say that, for example, you are on the Standard plan at $89/month.

The prices for all plans increase by 20%.

After the price jump, you want to upgrade your account to the Unlimited plan.

In this scenario, you will have to sign up at the new rate for the Unlimited plan.

This means that you only ‘lock in’ the price for the current plan you are on.

Are there any discounts available?

We do not offer discounts, nor do we run promotions offering coupons or cheaper versions of Quenza.

The best and only price for Quenza can always be found on our Pricing page.

Custom pricing for 5+ Quenza accounts

Should you want to create multiple Quenza accounts for your practice, business, or organization, please use the form on this Enterprise page.

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