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Request a feature

You have a feature you would like to see added to Quenza? That’s great!

It is our mission to make sure that Quenza will serve as your one-stop solution. We can only make this happen by knowing exactly what you need.

So if there’s anything missing in the app, we’d love to know!

There are several ways to suggest a feature you would like to see added to Quenza.

How to Request a feature

You can request a feature by visiting the link below and logging in to your account if asked for:


Another way to request a feature is by logging in to your Quenza app and going to Support > Request a feature.

Here you can search via the search field if someone has already requested a feature as you have in mind. If not, you can click on the ‘+ New topic’ button and write your request.

This will take you the following page:

Here you can enter a title for your feature request and type in your content by clicking on the ‘Write here’ field.

When you’re done press the ‘Post’ button at the bottom.

How to upvote and respond to a feature request

If you see a feature request someone else has made that you would also like to see added, you can click on the request and give it an upvote by clicking on the heart icon.

Our developers are constantly monitoring this section, so the more users request a similar feature, the higher of a priority it will be for the development team and the more likely we are to build it.

Make sure to check the ‘Follow this topic’ box in the top right to be updated about any news regarding this topic.

You can also engage in the discussion about this feature by scrolling down the page and write a comment in the reply field.

If you want to respond to a specific comment you can click on the reply icon below that comment and write your response there.

When you’re ready, simply press the ‘Post’ icon below.

How to see the development progress of a feature request

You can see the development progress of each feature request under the ‘status section.’

When a feature has the status ‘Planned’ attached to it you can be sure that our development team is working on it and you can expect this feature to be ready in the future.

So, now it’s your turn!

We’re super eager to hear from you and are looking forward to engaging with you in the community section.

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