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The difference between an activity and a pathway


An activity is a single exercise, worksheet, or any type of document you typically share with your clients, including an intake form, a mental wellbeing assessment, or a homework exercise you have developed.

To learn how to build an activity, watch this video.


A pathway is an automated scheduled series of activities. You can determine the order in which these activities will be sent out, as well as the waiting time in between activities.

Each step of a pathway will be comprised of activities.

To learn how to build a pathway, watch this video.

Example Pathway

Pathway examples

Some examples of pathways are a series of daily mindfulness quotes for 30 subsequent days or a character strengths at work pathway that assesses when clients are working from their strengths.

If you have your own online course, psycho-educational materials, or other micro-learning you wish to share with clients, setting up a pathway is the ideal way to drip feed this content to clients.

Pathway-only activity

A pathway-only activity is an activity that you choose to create, while you are building the steps in your pathway. This means this activity is only visible to the pathway it belongs to, and it will not show up by default in the activity library.

Clicking on “Pathway-only activity” takes you to the activity builder, where you can create a unique activity right into the pathway.

If you do want a “Pathway-only activity” to show up in your activity library, you can click the duplicate button which makes a copy of the activity and it will then be stored to your library.

The other option for adding activities to your pathway is by loading an activity that already exists in your activity library.

Clicking “Load activity” will bring you to your activity library so you can select the activity you want to insert into your pathway step.

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