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Using Quenza for Lead Capture

Quenza is not meant to capture or nurture leads. Quenza is for supporting your clients who you are already working and engaging with.

Why Quenza is not suitable for leads

One of the main reasons for this is that you have to create a client entry within Quenza and this client has to opt-in for email communication and/or agree with our Terms of Service to their (optional) account before you can send them something.

It would be too tedious to send leads through this process. Also, depending on your Pricing Plan, you can only add a limited number of clients to your account.

What software to use instead

Should you want to nurture leads and prospective clients, the best way to do so is by using email marketing software, like one of the following:

Using email marketing software, you can create a campaign or automation to send leads an automated series of emails that informs them about your services and offerings.

When to start using Quenza with your clients

As soon as a client signs up for your services, you can introduce them to Quenza, if you’d like. Before doing so, we recommend you walk clients through the advantages of working together using Quenza, such as:

  • fully encrypted, direct messaging from the comfort of a mobile app
  • the ability to complete activities in between sessions
  • being able to complete assessments at the start and end of the coaching trajectory to measure improvement (and in between)
  • all their data is stored in one place that they can access and control (and delete) themselves
  • ability to receive online learning materials through an automated pathway
  • enabling push notifications for every activity you send them
  • getting automatic reminders to complete To Do items so they don’t forget homework
  • journaling which allows your clients to create journal entries and choose to share these with you

These and more are some of the advantages of using Quenza that you can discuss with your clients before you invite them to the app.

If clients understand why you want to use the app with them and are fully on-board, chances they will fully engage with it increase, and so will the effectiveness of your coaching or therapy!

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