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Why use activities instead of PDF’s?

Do you have pre-built content that you want to share with your clients through Quenza? 

Chances are you’ve considered whether it’s really worth the extra effort to re-integrate all your content into Quenza again. After all, why not conveniently upload your exercises and worksheets to Quenza in PDF format and share them with your clients that way?

In this article, we outline the benefits of taking the time upfront to build your content as activities into Quenza.

The Value of Quenza’s Activity Builder

Creating your activities within Quenza’s activity builder and sending them to your clients provides you with a multitude of benefits.

It allows you to keep your clients engaged and on track, while at the same time allowing you to stay on top of your clients’ progress at all times.

Below we have listed some of these benefits that you receive when building activities in Quenza compared to what would happen if you were to send the same exercises as ordinary PDF files.

BenefitsQuenza ActivitiesPDF Documents
Eliminate the hassle of sending documents back and forth without confirmation of receipt or completion
Keep clients engaged and on track with interactive homework exercises
Allow clients to conveniently complete exercises from the comfort of their mobile device
Make your practice materials more personalized, accessible and facilitate long-lasting change
Get real-time results and stay on top of your client’s progress

All of the above benefits you get from creating activities in Quenza would be lost if you only sent PDF documents to your clients via Quenza. 

In fact, simply sending PDFs would defeat the very purpose of the Quenza software: eliminating the hassle of sending paperwork, and increasing the engagement with your clients in between sessions with interactive content.

When is sharing files a good idea?

Of course, sending your clients PDF files and other documents can be really useful in some cases. 

We like to think of sharing files as a way to complement the content you have built within Quenza, rather than replacing the process of creating activities within Quenza.

Used in the right way, mainly as supplementary material to an activity, PDF files can provide great added value to your activities.

Below we’ve listed a few examples to illustrate when sending PDF files, either separately or integrated into an activity can be useful:

  • Figures & Graphs demonstrating (psychological) processes 
  • Tables
  • Inspirational messages & reminders to print
  • Example templates (daily schedule etc.)
  • Optional “bonus” learnings

The bottom line

As with most things in life, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

If you take the time initially to set up your activities and pathways within Quenza you’ll save countless hours for years to come. 

So let’s get started! Build and save activities to create a digital library of all the tools you regularly use with your clients and let Quenza make your life easier forever! 🙂

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